Kullinarium Gourmet Restaurant

Delight in delectable Mediterranean dishes while taking in breathtaking views

Enjoy exquisite delights in a romantic candlelit ambience

Wine and dine with your loved one in an aesthetic atmosphere with picturesque sea views. With soft music lingering in the background and appetising dishes influenced by Greek - Mediterranean cuisine, Kullinarium Gourmet Restaurant in Agia Pelagia constitutes the perfect setting for a dreamy night out.

On a mission to satisfy your tastebuds with delicate flavours, the executive chef brings Mediterranean dishes with a modern twist to your plate. With the use of high-quality ingredients and the combination of different cooking techniques, our chef and his team create a mouthwatering dining experience for you that certainly leaves an impression.

View the sophisticated menu

Savour refined dishes that stand out for their textures and flavours in our Agia Pelagia restaurant. Each meal served to you is made with carefully selected, seasonal ingredients, as quality is our main priority.

Meet the executive chefs

Manolis Kastanakis - Executive chef of Seaside A Lifestyle Resort

Important information about Kullinarium Gourmet Restaurant

  • An elegant dress code is required when dining at Kullinarium: Long pants, decent 3/4 pants, collared shirts or polo t-shirts and closed shoes are required
  • The restaurant is open from 19:00 to 22:00.
  • Kullinarium Gourmet Restaurant is closed on Thursdays.
  • Special events, such as Lobster Night, Catch of the day, etc., are at extra charge.
  • The restaurant is open to guests of our luxury resort in Crete.

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