Museums in Crete

Learn all about the must-visit and most interesting Crete
museums that transfer you back in time

Discover the not-to-be-missed museums in Crete

Believe it or not, but some of the most worthwhile Crete activities do not only revolve around its breathtaking beaches, exquisite native cuisine and infinite natural surroundings but also its cultural and rich history.

Take some time to learn about the great variety of fascinating museums in Crete for all tastes and ages. Get ready to hop on a cultural journey as you set to witness them in person for optimum assimilation with the indigeneity of Crete island.

Heraklion archaeological museum

Don’t miss out on visiting the Heraklion archaeological museum, considered one of the oldest and most remarkable in Greece. Priding itself on the abundance of Minoan artifacts, you can see masterpieces with your own eyes and enrich your knowledge of Minoan art, history, and more. If you are interested in treasures and history relating to the Neolithic era, make sure you also visit the archaeological museums of Chania, Rethymnon, Sitia, Kissamos, and Arhanes, as they hold so many pieces of significance and interest.

Historical Museum of Crete

The Historical Museum of Crete provides a comprehensive overview of Crete's history and culture from the early Christian era to the 20th century and the modern day. See its seasonal displays featuring Byzantine or contemporary art, important Greek figures, and historical events. Understand the many facets of the historical development of Crete through the constantly evolving exhibitions, some of them temporary and others permanent, educational programmes, and the use of audiovisual media.

Natural history museum of Crete

Working hand in hand with the University of Crete and pioneering many Crete activities that benefit the ecosystem and its network, the Natural history museum of Crete is not to be missed. Visit and learn more about the natural preserved regions by Natura 2000 and more. Don’t miss out on the special exhibitions held in the museum. Specifically the ones of ‘The Megadioramas’ which presents realistic eco-systems of the Eastern Mediterranean region, and ‘The Living Museum’, which is filled with small-scale aquariums and terrariums. You should also not skip ‘The Seismic Table’ exhibition, which helps visitors learn about earthquakes.

Folklore Museum in Chania

Get to the roots of Crete island and its past through the numerous collections at the Folklore museum in Chania. Considered one of the most exciting things to do in Crete, you can get a sense of the traditions and customs of the island and understand its ethnological traditions. Expect to see utensils used in traditional agriculture, cattle rearing, weddings, christenings, and births. Take a glance at the architecture, clothes, and furnishings of traditional Cretan homes from bygone centuries, which are also noteworthy.

Maritime museum of Crete

The Maritime Museum of Crete pays great tribute to the interest and love for the Greek Navy. See a collection of models of ships, nautical instruments, paintings, historical photographs, and war relics - from the Bronze Age and up to the current times. Transfer back in time and see the models of ancient ships, as well as an impressive one of the fortified town and port under Venetian rule. Make sure you check out the dedicated section of the museum relating to the German invasion of Crete, too.

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