Minoan Cretan Taverna

Relish the world-renowned Cretan cuisine in a certified restaurant that carries the meaning of “Crete”

Delight in flavoursome Greek dishes made from local ingredients

Embark on a unique culinary journey that promises to satisfy your tastebuds with authentic flavours of Crete. Enjoy traditional delights seasoned with the textures, flavours and traditions of Greek gastronomy. Let the Cretan aroma lure you into a nutritional haven in the special setting of the Minoan Taverna in Agia Pelagia.

With a mission to introduce you to healthy Cretan dietary habits, our chef and his team honour local recipes and bring them with love and “meraki” into your plate with a new-age twist. We ensure the highest quality for the dishes by only using organic, fresh ingredients from handpicked local producers. Sit back, relax and cherish a soulful Greek experience while receiving high-level service from our devoted team.

Operation hours: 19:00-22:00

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Live a local gastronomy experience like no other by getting introduced to local recipes created with the utmost respect to the Cretan tradition. Fresh ingredients and natural local produce work hand-in-hand to compose mouthwatering dishes that live on in your memories forever.

Meet the executive chef

Manolis Kastanakis - Executive chef of Seaside A Lifestyle Resort

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