Happy to announce that this summer season Seaside a Lifestyle Resort will host 2 Michelin Star Chefs for two unforgettable collaborative events.

The stunning menus will highlight the unique culinary flair these chefs are known for.
Passionate about sustainability and great Cretan produce, our guests can expect beautifully presented dishes start with the careful sourcing of seasonal ingredients, which these amazing chefs will prepare in creative ways to bring out their true flavour.

Michael Gahleitner

Chef Michael Gahleitner, hailing from Bremen, boasts over a decade of culinary expertise, initially honed through butcher training. His journey, spanning Linz, The Savoy in London, and the Hohensalzburg Fortress restaurant, showcases a diverse culinary background. Notable roles at Romantikhotel Gmachl and Atelier restaurant at Hellbrunn Palace preceded his current management at Hotel Sacher Salzburg. There, he directs the Zirbelzimmer restaurant, oversees grilled specialties at Salzachgrill, and curates delicacies at Café Sacher and the Sacher Bar, aiming to offer a memorable Sacher experience while preserving cherished traditions.
07/06/2024 at Cremnos Restaurant
08/06/2024 at Oceano Restaurant
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Gerardo Metta (*Michelin star)

Gerardo Metta, a prominent figure in gastronomy, began his culinary journey at the age of 19, graduating from the Einaudi Institute in Canosa, Italy, where he discovered his passion for cooking. Expanding his horizons in Brussels in 2014, he honed his skills working with various renowned chefs before rising to prominence at the prestigious Sea Grill, earning two Michelin stars as a chef tournant and later as a consultant chef. In 2019, Gerardo Metta earned his first Michelin star at the restaurant Da Mimmo, becoming one of the youngest Michelin-starred chefs in Europe at just 26 years old. In 2022, Gerardo’s journey took him to Switzerland, where he transformed “La Dispensa ” into a successful culinary destination, earning its first Michelin star in Switzerland and standing out as the only starred trattoria in the canton of Neuchatel. Gerardo Metta has also been included among the 50 best Italian chefs in the world, in the 50 Top Italy list. In addition to his culinary successes, Gerardo advocates for youth empowerment in his beloved Puglia, envisioning a future where investments in talent revitalize communities and preserve the region’s rich culinary heritage.
21/06/2024 at Cremnos Restaurant
22/06/2024 at Oceano Restaurant
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Kosuke Nabeta (*Michelin star)

Japanese Cuisine
Kosuke Nabeta, from Kagoshima Prefecture, earned his Michelin star in 2019 at Sola restaurant in Paris. Nabeta's culinary vision intertwines with his ceramics, fostering a holistic dining experience. His commitment to sustainability is evident as organic waste like bones and charcoal ashes find new life in his ceramic creations. Through his Omakase menu "RE," Nabeta epitomizes a philosophy of respect and resourcefulness. In 2023, he became the first starred Japanese chef to receive the prestigious "Ecotable" label, underscoring his dedication to sustainable gastronomy.
05/07/2024 at Cremnos Restaurant
06/07/2024 at Umi Restaurant
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Christoffer Sorensen

Nordic Gastronomy
Meet Christoffer Sørensen, the dynamic head chef and co-owner of STUDIO. Joining in 2021 from Michelin-Starred Dragsholm Slot, his cooking reflects a rare maturity for his age—technically accomplished, well-balanced, and nuanced in textures and flavors. His expertise in wild herbs, fermentations, and foraging is now the driving force behind STUDIO's playful and precise menu. In just four months, Christoffer earned the Michelin Guide's 'Young Chef Award' in 2021, signaling a promising start for both him and STUDIO. In the fall, his culinary prowess was further lauded as his dish claimed the prestigious title of "Dish of the Year" in Denmark, alongside his acclaimed creation being hailed as "The Best Dessert of the Year."
17/07/2024 at Cremnos Restaurant
18/07/2024 at Oceano Restaurant
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Campolattano Federico(*Michelin star)

Italian Cuisine
Federico Campolattano, born in Naples in 1984, is a visionary chef who has owned the Eichhalde restaurant with his wife Valentina in the green German city of Freiburg im Breisgau since 2019. His cuisine is purist, pleasingly reduced to the essentials and authentically Italian, in a form of expression that is very rarely seen in Germany, and he received a Michelin star for it.
02/08/2024 at Cremnos
03/08/2024 at Oceano
Menu -> TBA

Thierry Mechinaud (*** Michelin Stars)

July 27th
Thierry Mechinaud is a highly acclaimed chef de cuisine of Pierre Gagnaire, he has played a pivotal role in upholding the restaurant's reputation for excellence and innovation. Mechinaud's culinary expertise, creative flair, and dedication to delivering exceptional dining experiences have solidified his position as a key figure within the industry. His collaborative work with Pierre Gagnaire has resulted in the creation of extraordinary dishes that have delighted diners and garnered widespread acclaim. Mechinaud's commitment to culinary artistry and his ability to push the boundaries of gastronomy have firmly established him as a respected and influential chef de cuisine.
18/08/2024 at Cremnos
19/08/2024 at Oceano
Menu -> TBA

Sound Healing

Experience the transformative power of sound healing at Asana Yoga Shala, where we invite you to experience a profound spiritual journey of self discovery and reconnection.Through the art of sound healing, we utilize various sonic frequencies to induce a state of deep relaxation and inner harmony. By immersing yourself in these healing vibrations, you will release tension, restore balance, and awaken your senses.
Join us for an evening dedicated to the therapeutic effects of sound, as we guide you towards a state of profound healing and rejuvenation.

Events Past Season

Chef Events
During the past summer season, Omicron Hotels played host to world knowned executive chefs. The exquisite eight-course menus were a testament to the unique culinary expertise for which these chefs were celebrated. The incredible chefs worked their magic, preparing the ingredients in imaginative ways to reveal their authentic flavors.

Bjorn Swanson

Last year, on July 26th, guests embarked on a mouth-watering culinary journey as Chef de Cuisine Yannis Rokanas of "Cremnos" joined forces to offer an unforgettable dining experience.
Then, on July 27th, Chef Swanson and Chef de Cuisine Manolis Kastanakis of "UMI" collaborated to create a sensational 4-course menu, expertly blending their cooking styles and utilizing the finest seasonal ingredients. Both events showcased culinary excellence and left guests eagerly anticipating future collaborations.

Liam Rogers

Last year on August 12 th , Chef Liam Rogers and Chef de Cuisine Yannis Rokanas of ‘’Cremnos’’ collaborated, crafting eclectic masterpieces that delighted diners. The following day, August 13 th , Chef Rogers and Chef de Cuisine Manolis Kastanakis of ‘’UMI’’ unite for an incredible four-hands dinner, showcasing their shared passion for excellent cuisine.

Michael Gahleitner

Last year on June23rd and June 24 th , we hosted the Executive Chef from Hotel Sacher Salzburg. Together with our talented Head Chefs, they curated an unforgettable journey, through the finest seasonal and local ingredients, showcasing their expertise. Each plate served reflected the dedication and creativity of these culinary masters.

Sound Healing

Last year Acro Suites had the pleasure of welcoming Manolis Zografakis, a certified sound therapist and meditation practitioner, to host rejuvenating sound bath sessions in the tranquil ambiance of the Asana Yoga Shala.

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