Happy to announce that this summer season Seaside a Lifestyle Resort will host 2 Michelin Star Chefs for two unforgettable collaborative events.

The stunning menus will highlight the unique culinary flair these chefs are known for.
Passionate about sustainability and great Cretan produce, our guests can expect beautifully presented dishes start with the careful sourcing of seasonal ingredients, which these amazing chefs will prepare in creative ways to bring out their true flavour.

Bjorn Swanson

July 27th
Chef Swanson and chef de Cuisine, Manolis Kastanakis of “UMI” will come together and blend cooking styles to create an original collaborative menu, drawing inspiration from the season’s best ingredients.
Menus will very much feature all local, organic and wild produce with sustainability and seasonality at their core.

Seating is limited, and early reservations are highly recommended.

For reservations please contact us :

Liam Rogers

August 13th
Chef Liam Rogers and our skilled chef de Cuisine, Manolis Kastanakis of "UMI" share the same love for excellent food, so get ready for an incredible 4 hands dinner by these brilliant young chefs.

Seating is limited, and early reservations are highly recommended.

For reservations please contact us :

Michael Gahleitner

June 24th
Τhe Executive Chef of Hotel Sacher Salzburg comes to our hotel to spoil our guests by creating an unforgettable culinary journey experimenting with the finest seasonal & local ingredients and creating exceptional presentations in a unique collaboration with our amazing Head Chefs.

Seating is limited, and early reservations are highly recommended.

For reservations please contact us :

Soundbath Sessions

Μanolis Zografakis - sound healer
The hotel will welcome Manolis Zografakis, a certified sound therapist and meditation practitioner, who will host sound bath sessions in the Asana Yoga Shala with the aim of guiding guests through a spiritual journey of reconnection and discovery of the inner self, back into a natural state of balance and harmony.

Dates :

*Limited participation:

Please make your reservation one day in advance, you can contact the front desk for more information upon arrival or via email :

Organise your professional events in Crete effortlessly

Host your ideal business meeting in Crete, with the professional help and curation of Seaside A Lifestyle Resort. No matter what you wish to incorporate, we can make it happen at the premises of one of the most prestigious hotels in Crete.
Make the most out of Seaside’s conference venue in Crete and follow our creative, tailor-made approach to turn your meetings into ultimate success. Engage your attendees and participants and create an unforgettable event experience that makes a lasting impression.

Our Events hotel in Crete is ideal for your:

  • Business events
  • Business conferences
  • Professional meetings

Implement your events with ease with our support

Our expert and solution-oriented team supports your events with audiovisual equipment, telephone lines, IT equipment and free Wi-Fi. In addition, we offer catering services for all the necessary coffee & refreshing beverages, as well as lunch and dinner breaks.
Stay assured that we put our hearts into catering for your demands with utmost dedication and care. We guarantee that your event at our luxury hotel in Crete will be seamlessly organised and turned into a successful occasion.

Our events hotel in Crete and its complete amenities:

If you are looking for options on where to host your business meeting or conference in Crete, Seaside A Lifestyle Resort can create a tailor-made experience straight out of your dreams and needs. More specifically, for your conferences or business meetings in Crete, we offer:

- One meeting room with a maximum capacity of 150 guests
- One conference room of 240 m² and the following technical facilities: ● ISDN & Internet access ● Monitors ● Video Projectors ● Microphones

Create an unforgettable event in Crete at Sea Side Resort

Our eco-chic, luxury hotel in Crete constitutes the ideal space for your professional events. The unique excellence of our indoor spaces, in combination with the technology installed, creates an optimal environment as a meeting and conference venue in Crete.
As a retreat that awakens a new world of senses and prioritises your satisfaction, Seaside A Lifestyle Resort will not only meet but also exceed your expectations. Our special events hotel in Crete awaits you to host an optimal business event smoothly and with utmost success.

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